English menu


Home - made Liver pate with cranberries and toast85,-
Goat cheese with honey, pears sprinkled with nuts and toast95,-
Nachos baked with tomato salsa with olives, cheddar and jalapeños, sour cream79,-
Toast with a spicy meat mixture sprinkled with parmesan cheese65,-


By the daily menu25,-


We need time to prepare these meals - at least 25 minutes. We can replace each of these sauces to mushrooms sauce.
Beef steak with demi glace sauce, corn cobs and homemade french fries 250,-
Roasted duck breast or goat cheese with port wine and cranberry sauce189,-
Pork neck (300g) with fried onion and demi glace sauce, pastry185,-
Pork tenderloin stuffed with dried tomatoes, rosemary potatoes215,-
Grilled chicken breast with a mix of lettuce with vegetables and basil pesto 165,-

Salty pancakes

All our salty pancakes are served with a salad.
Grilled with goat cheese and baby spinach roasted on onion and garlic135,-
Filled with a spicy meat mixture and corn135,-
With fried egg, baby spinach and roasted bacon135,-
With ham and cheese, rocket and tomato salsa 135,-


Cheeser - Burger with Jalapeño peppers and grilled bacon, french fries165,-
Pohoda - Burger with English bacon and fried egg, French fries165,-
These burgers are prepared from bio-meat of the Angus from Czech breeds
Vegee - Burger with roasted beetroot, dried tomatoes and basil pesto, French fries165,-


Duck breast or goat cheese on a mix of lettuce and vegetables with strawberries and raspberry sauce, toasted herb baguette 179-
Small salad from cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce salad with basil pesto40,-

Sweet pancakes

Banana, chocolate, whipped cream85,-
Strawberries, jam, whipped cream85,-
Plum stuffed with chilli, poppy85,-
Blueberries, sour cream, whipped cream85,-
Apple chutney, cinnamon, cane sugar, butter85,-
Pears chutney, caramel, whipped cream85,-


All sundae are prepared with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. In summer you can choose from an ice-cream show-case, located inside the restaurant.
Banana, whipped cream, chocolate80,-
Strawberries, whipped cream80,-
Whipped cream, caramel, walnuts80,-
Hot blueberries, whipped cream80,-

Side dishis & Sauces

Homemade French fries40,-
Rosemary potatoes40,-
Corn cobs50,-
Small salad40,-
Grilled vegetables50,-
Tartar sauce / Mayonnaise / Ketchup / Demi glace25,-
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